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SM Entertainment announcedtoday (April 9) that EXOthành viên Xiumin will enmenu in South Korea’s armed forces next month lớn fulfill the country’s mandatory draft service.

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Xiumin, whoat 29 years oldis the eldest of the act, will enmenu on May 7, vmvc.com.vnhas confirmed. It will kick off a new era for the group as the vocadanh sách, born Kyên ổn Min-seok but known predominantly by his stage name, will become the first thành viên of EXO to take a hiatus from the K-pop industry lớn fulfill his service requirements. He will serve sầu as an active sầu duty soldier for a period of 21 months, Yonhapreports.

The announcement was made one day after EXO celebrated its seventh anniversary since starting off in 2012. Over the years, the group has landed three albums on the vmvc.com.vn 200 chart. They saw their highest peak yet, when last year"s Don"t Mess Up My Tempo landed atNo. 23 on the chart dated Nov. 17, 2018.

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Xiumin got his start in the China-focused unit EXO-M before the act’s two teams, Korea-based EXO-K & EXO-M, joined together in 2013. Along with the group’s main activities, he has been active since năm 2016 as a member of EXO-CBX, a subunit featuring Xiumin along with members Chen và Bakehyun, and is also a popular television personality in South Korea.

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In a letter released to Korean truyền thông media,Xiumin expressed gratitude to EXO’s fans, known as EXO-L, & spoke about his enlistment & upcoming EXO-CBX concerts that he’ll appearat in nhật bản later this month.

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Following the news, the terms “Xiumin” và “Minseok” trended worldwide on Twitter.

Read the entirety of Xiumin’s letter below, as translated by Soompi:

“Hello EXO-L. This is Xiumin!

Flowers have been blooming nicely these days. Have sầu you gone out to see them? Flowers are appearing, the weather has gotten warmer, và yesterday was EXO’s seventh anniversary since debut! I feel gratitude khổng lồ everyone & everything as I feel that EXO was born at a very nice time. Congratulations again to lớn our members.

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To be honest, I am writing today as there is important news I want to tóm tắt with all of you first. Military duty! I am going to lớn the military on May 7! ‘I will return in good health.’ I plan on arranging a time for us in the near future so that I can say these words khổng lồ you directly. We have a CBX concert soon, and we will return after completing it successfully, so please wait just a bit.

Then let us all work hard on getting through today, as well!”

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