Time new bank (tnb) price, charts, and news

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favorites#trigger" data-coin-id="1265" data-coin-slug="time-new-bank" data-coin-image="https://assets.vmvc.com.vn/coins/images/1265/thumb/time-new-ngân hàng.png?1547035290" data-toggle="dropdown" data-coin-symbol="tnb" data-source="star_button" data-price-btc="0.0000000676017744397529" data-new-portfolio-button-label="Add To New Portfolio" data-toast-success-message="TNB added to lớn Portfolio" data-toast-success-hyperlink-text="Start your portfolio - Add a transaction!" aria-haspopup="true" aria-expanded="false" class="far btn btn-secondary cursor-pointer tw-text-sm tw-w-12 tw-h-8 tw-border-gray-300 tw-rounded-md tw-pt-2 tw-bg-transparent hover:tw-border-gray-300 hover:tw-bg-transparent focus:tw-outline-none focus:tw-ring-2 focus:tw-ring-offset-0 focus:tw-ring-primary-500 focus:tw-border-opacity-0 dark:tw-text-trắng dark:hover:tw-bg-Trắng dark:hover:tw-bg-opacity-10 dark:tw-border-White dark:tw-border-opacity-10 fa-star">
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