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While Bitcoin mining is an incredibly popular method of passive income, there’s also profit lớn be found in Ethereum mining via Eth Pools. Doing the task alone, however, is never a good idea. It’s best to join ETH pools. This post will break down the best ones available khổng lồ you.

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What is an ETH Pool?

An Ethereum (ETH) pool is a group of cryptocurrency miners looking to combine their computer power khổng lồ mine blocks together, splitting the mining reward amongst each other. This is an alternative to going it alone, where you’re competing against the entire mining world all by yourself with no guarantee of a reward.

How Long Does it Take to lớn Mine 1 Ethereum?

How long it takes lớn mine 1 Ethereum depends on various factors. For one, your hash rate – AKA how powerful your computer is – is very important. The higher the hashrate, the faster you are.



Then, it depends on if you’re participating in a mining ETH pool or going it alone. If you’re doing the latter, you’ll want a lot of GPUs to lớn combine their power and st& a chance against the rest of the miners. Otherwise, the length of one blochồng validation will depend based on how many miners are contributing khổng lồ the pool.

As of this writing, however, it takes around 91.8 days khổng lồ mine Ethereum if you’re doing it by yourself with an average hashrate.

Is Ethereum Mining Profitable?

Mining Ethereum is currently profitable, yes. However, the profitability of such an asmix will vary as time goes on, & network difficulty goes up. Such a factor will also differ based on how many miners are participating at once. If there are more miners, you’re up against more competition.

That’s not lớn mention that Ethereum is eventually moving to lớn a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. This gets rid of mining entirely, favoring a new method called staking. You can still profit from staking, of course, but the process is quite different from mining.

Of course, the older Ethereum blockchain will still be around. As for its profitability, it’s hard to lớn say until it happens. Such a metric will vary based on the amount of people still using the network.

How vì I Profit from Eth Pools?

There’s no unanimous way khổng lồ earn from mining Ethereum. Instead, different platforms may offer various payment schemes. The most comtháng are Pay Per Last N Shares (PPLNS) & Pay Per Share (PPS). Shares are how much you contribute to lớn a specific bloông chồng.


Payment based on the number of shares contributed by the miner. Essentially, how much you have contributed to lớn the block that was mined. However, the N is a mix number based on the platkhung. For example, if the N is 40,000, your payment is based on your contribution khổng lồ the last 40,000 shares.


Pay per chia sẻ is much simpler than PPLNS.Every tóm tắt one submits is just worth a prephối amount of ETH.

What is the Best ETH Pool?

Now that you’re aware of what an ETH pool is, let’s get into lớn the best ETH pool out there. This Ethereum pool danh mục will compare & contrast the different platforms for you to try out – each with their own pros & cons.

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1.) Ethermine


Ethermine claims lớn be the “world’s highest performing Ethereum mining pool.” While we’ll certainly challenge that clalặng on this Ethereum pool danh mục, there’s no denying that Ethermine is a great place lớn start.

For one, Ethermine allows for entirely anonymous mining. This is igiảm giá for miners who emphakích thước privacy. On top of this, the platform only takes a 1% bloông xã reward fee.This allows you khổng lồ walk away with more of your share whenever a block is mined.In that same vein, Ethermine offers instant payouts as well as servers in the United States, Asia, và Europe. The platform supports PPLNS rewards. You can customize your minimum payout threshold, and utilize Ethermine’s top-tier helpdesk for queries. Through these apps, you can look at detailed statistics containing all recently mined blocks, hashrate based on server, blocks mined per day, and the difficulty variation throughout each day.

2.) SparkPool


SparkPool is a Chinese mining pool with quite the positive reputation. The platsize has servers và nodes based all around the world, và have top security measures in place for protecting your information.

Wondering about profit? You can calculate your potential daily income via a built-in calculator on SparkPool’s homepage. Even better, there’s an onsite tutorial for learning – igiảm giá khuyến mãi for users reading this guide! Tutorials are features many on this Ethereum pool danh mục are lacking.SparkPool also has an application for Android and iOS devices. SparkPool also features 24/7 customer service khổng lồ solve any of your problems. This ETH pool prides itself on constantly working khổng lồ develop và advance its technologies for a better user experience.

3.) NanoPool


NanoPool is one of the most well-known of the best ETH pools out there. It’s great for newer users as it supports a lower hashrate than others may require, for instance.

NanoPool has servers based all around the globe.This means there’s access to the mining pool for all. NanoPool only charges a 1% fee and features a PPLNS payment scheme, that resets every twenty minutes. This means you can enjoy multiple payouts every day if you’re a dedicated miner.Similar to SparkPool, NanoPool offers a step-by-step guide for beginner miners khổng lồ take advantage of.

As of this writing, NanoPool is charging higher transaction fees than normal as Ethereum is incredibly congested. Make sure lớn keep that in mind before starting.

4.) F2Pool


F2Pool is a popular mining platform based in Asia và the United States. While it features other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum mining is one of the most popular options.

It focuses mainly on GPU and ASIC mining. The platform features a PPS reward system, charging a 2.5% fee on all transactions. The minimum reward threshold is 0.1 BTC.

Signing up on F2Pool is quite easy, only requiring an Ethereum wallet address and traditional log-in information. Once you’re set up, you can tải về the platform’s thiết bị di động application on iOS or Android to view your hashrate, earnings, và your average daily revenue.

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Despite the eventual move khổng lồ Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum mining is a fantastic way to lớn create some passive sầu revenue. An ETH pool makes the process easier than ever, & getting involved with just a slightly powerful GPU is entirely possible.