Paid wifi & cellular là gì


When you are updating some apps in the store, maybe you see an interesting update lớn an application that you never noticed before. Yes, it is the paid wifi và cellular on Windows 10. Basically, this application is beneficial for them who want to get an access khổng lồ the mạng internet and pay on the go where all can be done with the Microsoft infrastructure.quý khách vẫn xem: Paid wifi và cellular là gì


Microsoft is one of the giant companies in this world and it always wants to lớn give sầu you any services that you want wherever you are và whatever the devices that you use. For the example, they have taken the biggest properties that they have sầu such as Skype & the OneDrive cross-platsize. Microsoft also has the office that is running on Android và IOS.

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Well, in fact, the paid wifi và cellular on Windows 10 is super interesting. By using this, the casual travelers và road warriors are able khổng lồ save sầu their money, time & headache more in order with connecting the pay wireless hotspot wherever they are. You just need one tài khoản, one payment & it is over 10 million locations in this world!

What is the Microsoft Paid Wifi & Cellular?

Actually, it is a new feature that is rolled out with the Windows 10. In addition, this feature has existed under the big name of Skype for some years now. Basically, we can say that it is a service that you can use khổng lồ connect to the pay WiFi hotspot around of the world. You don’t even need to lớn create an trương mục with every WiFi Provider that is existed.

For you who have traveled by air at any time in the last 10 years, you are maybe so familiar with Gogo và Boingo wireless hotspot. We can say that those applications work really great for frequent travelers. Why? It is because they are ubiquitous in the airports and on the commercial flights as well.

With those applications, the regular travelers are able to make an tài khoản và buy the month worth for the access. After that, that can use WiFi anywhere Gogo and Boingo are available for the whole one month. How if you don’t need lớn use the whole month access? You may not be worried because you can buy the access for a day or even an hour, but the price can be so weird. Usually, it can be based on the location. So, we can say that it is varied.

For your information, Microsoft has the wide partnership with some WiFi providers that cover for more than 10 million locations in around the world. That is why; if you connect with a partner hotspot, the wifi from Microsoft will negotiate the thiết đặt with a vendor và it will complete the connection.

How it is working?

A goal that is made by Microsoft is that to lớn be as seamless as possible. By using this Paid Wifi và Cellular on Windows 10 you can connect it anywhere. What you need khổng lồ bởi vì is just clicking on the Wifi icon in that system tray. After that, you have sầu to choose the option of purchase wifi from the Windows Store. That’s all. Then Microsoft will vày the rest for you. Furthermore, this connection option will only appear when the partner hotspot with this wifi service is available for you.

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We can say in the simpler way that this paid Wifi và Cellular on windows 10 will help you khổng lồ get online in a lot of places. You just need khổng lồ buy the data plan khổng lồ make you are connected to lớn the network that is participated with the paid WiFi hotspot & cellular on your Windows 10.

Here are some instructions that you can vì if you want khổng lồ use the paid Wifi on Windows 10:

First of all, you can get connected khổng lồ the participating WiFi hotspots that are usually available in some popular locations such as in the airports, hotels, conferences and many more.In order to see WiFi networks, choose the network ibé that is located at the right end of the Windows taskbar.You will see some network lists. You need to choose the WiFi network that has the Wifi hotspot underneath. How if you don’t see one? If it happens, maybe the service is not available in your current area.If you find one, you can choose the network. After that, just follow the steps for buying the prepaid wifi plan for getting online.

That’s it. In addition, below are the instructions lớn use the paid mobile data service:

Choose the network inhỏ that is located at the right kết thúc of the Windows TaskbarYou will find some network lists there. Then, you need to lớn look for the di động data network that has the buy from windows store underneath that network.After that, choose that network & follow the steps in order khổng lồ buy the prepaid thiết bị di động data plan. It will make you able khổng lồ get online.

For your information, this will work with the Microsoft SIM Card, Mobile modern và it is depended on where your region is.

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Basically, the paid wifi và cellular on Windows 10 is not the new thing. However, it seems that Microsoft needs to vì more sale process to make it is known by most of the people.