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Following the key words NU (newly), Established, Style & Tempo, the name of this urban electro b&, NU’EST, stands for "creating music with a new style". Stylish NU’EST debuted as the most boy b& in 2012 and took their place as promising new Korean Wave Idols with defining style and looks. In năm 2016, they presented differentiated music, performances và visuals, showing a funky appearance as ‘Cartoondols’ (as though they had stepped out from the cartoon world, too handsome to lớn be real). JR, BAEKHO, MINHYUN and REN also gained a new foothold through Mnet"s survival program "Produce 101 Season 2" in 2017. They earned great attention from the public, & their tuy vậy ‘Hello’, released in 2013, climbed bachồng up the music charts as a result.

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- 20đôi mươi The 29th Seoul Music Awards, Bonthanh lịch - 2020 The 34th Golden Disk Awards, Album Bonsang- 20trăng tròn The 34th Golden Disk Awards, Artist Award- 2019 Stagetalk Audience Choice Awards, Best New Musical Actor (MINHYUN)- 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards, Hot Issue Entertainer Award (BAEKHO)- 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards, Best Challenge Award (BAEKHO)- 2019 Asia Artist Awards, Best Musician Award- 2019 Asia Artist Awards, Singer Category – Asia Celebrity- 2019 Br& of the Year, Male Idol- 2019 The Fact Music Awards, Artist of the Year- 2019 First Brand Awards, Male Idol Variety Star (JR)- 2019 The 28th Seoul Music Awards, Bonsang (NU"EST W)- 2019 The 33th Golden Disk Awards Album Bonsang (NU"EST W)- 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Worldwide Fans" Choice Top 10 (NU"EST W)- 2018 Asia Artist Awards, Best Music Award (NU"EST W)- 2018 Asia Artist Awards, Artist of the Year (Music) (NU"EST W)- 2018 The 7th Gaon Chart Music Awards, Hot Performance (NU"EST W) - 2018 The 32th Golden Disk Awards, Album Bonsang trọng (NU"EST W)- 2018 The 27th Seoul Music Awards, Bonsang (NU"EST W)- 2018 Asia Model Awards, Popular Star Award (Music) (NU"EST W)- 2018 Asia Model Awards, Special Asia Award (NU"EST W)- 2018 Soribadomain authority Best K-Music Awards, Award (NU"EST W)- 2018 Soribadomain authority Best K-Music Awards, Bonquý phái (NU"EST W)- 2017 Asia Artist Awards, Best Entertainer Award (Music) (NU"EST W)- 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards of the Year (NU"EST W)- 2016 The 9th China di động Wireless Music Awards 2016, Best Potential Group

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- 2020 JO MALONE LONDON (MINHYUN)- 2019 DPC – LOVE ALL MATTE LIPSTICK (REN)- 2019 MONCLER (MINHYUN)- 2019 LLOYD (JR)- 2019 MAC (MINHYUN)- 2019 ORIGINS (JR)- 2019 inniskhông tính tiền (MINHYUN)- 2019 Maeil Soy Milk (MINHYUN)- 2019 NCSOFT “Spoonz’- 2019 Samsung Galaxy Celebrity Alarm (JR, MINHYUN)- 2019 HANGTEN- 2018 NeNe Chicken (NU’EST W)- 2018 INTAKE (NU’EST W)- 2017 LABIOTTE (NU’EST W)- 2013 McDonald"s