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plan for my retirement plan for my child"s education plan for my future prepare for my Silver Years purchase a home discover exclusive promotions
select a life goal plan for my retirement plan for my child"s education plan for my future prepare for my Silver Years purchase a home discover exclusive promotions

We all have an idea of how we want to retire. However, many of us are not on track to achieving our retirement goal. Let us help you make a plan to stay true to the retirement you want.

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As a parent, you want the best for your child, but the rising cost of education locally and globally can make it tough. Let us help you make a plan to stay true in providing your child with the best education opportunities.

Retirement? Your child"s university education? Let us help you do it all in life with systematic financial planning. Silver Years is designed to help you ensure your plans are complete. So whether you tend to prioritise health, wealth, or your lifestyle, our holistic approach will help you complete all three to get the most out of your next chapter.

Owning a house is an exciting milestone. Let us help you make this journey seamless – from searching for new properties, to calculating your home affordability and picking the right home loan package that suits your needs. Apply online and get your loan approved in 60 minutes.

We"ll first help you calculate how much you need, then make a financial plan to work towards your retirement goal.

Starting with an estimate of your children"s education costs based on their intended country of study, we"ll provide solutions to help you stay committed to their ambitions.

Plan for your future step by step. Find out how much you need to achieve your goals and if you have any gaps.

With longer life expectancy and rising healthcare costs, it"s essential that your Silver Years get a healthy start. Silver Years will help assess your health insurance and lifestyle to ensure you"re fully covered and well-protected.

The 5 to 10 years leading to your Silver Years is crucial. With Silver Years, we"ll help ensure your funds are well-diversified and able to generate a steady income for your monthly needs, so you can enjoy your desired lifestyle.

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No Silver Years is the same. Some work part-time, some monitor their investments, and others care for their grandchildren. But however you retire, it"s good to learn about the various digital tools and how you can use them to stay connected to those you love.

Overcome your home buying fears – whether you’re a first-time buyer, upgrader or investor. Search for properties, check your home affordability, get renovation ideas and more!

New purchase (Home loan)

When you have found your dream home, make it yours with our wide range of fixed and variable pricing packages to suit your financing needs.

Renovation Loan

Bring your dream home to life with financing of up to 6x your monthly income or S$30,000, whichever is lower.

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Go wallet-less with Pay Anyone™ and take advantage of our limited time offers while you scan to pay everyone.

Cards Promotions

Be it dining, travel or retail – check out our array of offers, exclusively for Cardholders. OneTokenATM Card ActivationOverseas ATM Withdrawal ActivationEasiCredit and Card WaiverCredit and Debit Card Activation

Please be informed that with effect from 1 July 2021, the Terms and Conditions of the following consumer loan products will be revised as follows:To incorporate additional clauses in relation to Sanctions, Sanction Countries and related terms.To reduce the redemption notice period for property loans on residential properties in Singapore.To include email as a channel of notification in Mortgage Terms and Conditions

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From 6 November 2020, you will no longer earn any rebates for shopping at Robinsons and Marks & Spencer. However, you will still earn Robinsons$ for all purchases made using your Robinsons Credit Card. Robinsons$ can be used at all Marks & Spencer and Robinsons Singapore stores.A letter with more information will be mailed to you soon.For any questions, you can view our frequently asked questions.

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We have reopened seven branches (Holland Village, Marina Bay Financial Centre, North, Serangoon Gardens, Suntec City, United Square and Ubi) on 25 June in Phase 2 of ‘Safe-Reopening’ due to increased footfall in some branches.

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