She is smiling or she always smiles?

May 26, 2013 ...

Bạn đang xem: She is smiling or she always smiles?

2) The Present Continuous: She is smiling every day. I think that both sounds fine . Thanks in advance, regards. klaudek626, May 26, 2013.Jan 2, 2012 ... When She Is Smiling by George Papavgeris You would say that she"s twenty, the way that she walks on the beach she"s a little girl, collecting ...Apr 4, năm ngoái ... Yoo Sungeun, Jinyoung, Min Hyorin, Park KwangsunShe Is Smiling. Hangul, Romanization, Eng Sub. Thanks for watching. I don"t own ...She is smiling like heaven is down on earth. Sun is shining so bright on her. And all her wishes have sầu finally come true. And her heart is weeping. This happiness ...

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I like this girl, we are friends và she always smiles at me when she sees me. She says "hey (my name)" she also flirts with me lots & sits next to me ...Although it would be also corrcet if we say " She always smiles" but " She is always smiling is better". Junior Member71 · Case Assigner: Thank you very much ...She always smiles at mw whenever we pass by eachother & I bởi as well obviously. I really have a massive crush on this girl và it would ...Sep 24, 2015 ... shansolo_She always smiles for the two of us. kaurmandeeYour (much) better half; _vsop_drippin" droppin" swaguu; deeeeppThats some ...

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she is a Japanese or she is Japanese? she is focused or she focuses? she is an amazing or she is amazing? she is very understanding or she is very ? she is critical or she is in critical? she is shopping or she is doing shopping?

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