Garemãng cầu HR Team is looking for new teammates in both TP Hà Nội và TP HCM. Come join us khổng lồ surround yourself with young và dynamic teammates who are passionate about both creating and experiencing fun.

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I. HR Generalist

Job Description:

Support all internal & external HR related inquiries or requests.Assist Recruitment và Training Team Leader with the hiring process, including submitting job postings online & scheduling candidate interviewsPerform orientations và update records of new staff.Coordinate logistics for new hire orientations & employee training sessionsMaintain schedule và coordinate calendar activitiesProvide administrative sầu tư vấn for Rec & Training Team

Job Requirement:

Bachelors degree in Human Resources or related (essential).2 years of experience as an HR Generalist/Assistant (essential).Exposure to Labor Law & employment equity regulations.Effective sầu HR administration & people management skills.Full understanding of HR functions & best practices.Excellent written và verbal English skills.Works well under pressure and meets tight deadlines.Highly computer literate with capability in email, MS Office & related business và communication tools.Strong decision-making và problem-solving skills.Meticulous attention khổng lồ detail.Ability khổng lồ accurately follow instructions.

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Recruitment và Training Executive sầu

Job Description:

(a) Recruitment (70%)

Participate in recruitment process involving sourcing, screening, và selection of ikhuyến mãi individualsManage the recruiting pipeline including determining resources status and needs, coordinating recruiting events and sourcing activities, assessing, và managing referral processesCreate, build, & maintain networks of potential passive sầu candidates to fill future anticipated & planned roles.Identify và organize the staff training programs & monthly new hire orientationFormulate & implement other HR initiatives and projects as and when directed by the Management

(b) Training (30%)

Conduct follow up sections with Line Managers & employees after performance Reviews quarterly và annually to lớn determine training plansBase on department/ individual development plans, identify appropriate course khổng lồ execute plan lớn cđại bại skills gaps and drive sầu significant enhancement in performance, productivity và engagement.Follow up training & provide efficient reportPropose và exeđáng yêu internal activities khổng lồ build customer services culture & professional working environment.


A Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources or related fieldAt least 03 years of professional experience of recruitment in the gaming industry/Internet/IT fieldExperience in organizing job fair, career orientation worksiêu thị, ect…Collaborative and strong ability to lớn connect và influence multiple leadership levelsCritical thinker & strong business mindFluent in English communication skillsIndependent, meticulous và with strong sense of responsibilityPositive sầu working attitude & a good team playerIndependent, analytical, resourceful, meticulous and able lớn multitask and work within timeline