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In September 2009, Estee Lauder Vietnam was found in HCMC and since then, we focus khổng lồ build 4 Brands in Vietnam market: Estee Lauder, MAC, Clinique & Bobbi Brown. 


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Estee Lauder Companies are the global leader in prestige beauty — delighting consumers with transformative products and experiences, inspiring them khổng lồ express their individual beauty. We are the only company focused solely on prestige makeup, skin care, fragrance and hair care with a diverse portfolio of 25+ brands sold in approximately 150 countries và territories. Infused throughout our organization is a passion for creativity & innovation — a desire lớn push the boundaries và invent the unexpected — as we continue the bold work of our founder Estée Lauder.

The company’s founding values inspire our commitment lớn operate responsibly and motivate us to build a sustainable business based on uncompromising ethics, integrity, fairness, diversity & trust. In partnership with our suppliers, our retailers, our consumers và everyone we touch, we aspire to lớn foster our heritage of respect for people và the environment & be a positive influence in every community we serve.

In September 2009, Estee Lauder Vietnam was found in HCMC and since then, we focus lớn build 4 Brands in Vietnam market: Estee Lauder, MAC, Clinique và Bobbi Brown. 

At the Estée Lauder Companies, our culture is often described as a rare set of family values with a high-performing public company. The beauty of this blend is a long-term focus on sustainable growth & a respectful, inclusive và collaborative workplace with a strong drive khổng lồ win.

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Our #ELC Family is a bold community of individuals. We don’t just place a high value on individuality, we seek it out, cultivate it and celebrate it in our daily work. Collectively, our diverse points of view, skillsets & talents make us the creative & innovative global leader we are today in prestige beauty. There is immense pride & joy in what we do, and it shows.

Our culture is also guided by the Lauder family values respect for the individual và a collective generosity of spirit that infuses everything we do. We practice fearless persistence, but never compromise on quality, aesthetics, ethics or integrity.

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We are a responsible, profitable business with a big heart. We believe beauty is about enhancing people’s lives while acting responsibly— caring for our employees and for the environment, respecting our partners & being a positive influence in every community we serve.