Basic Attention Token (Bat) Price, Charts, And News


Announcement: Brave Search beta now available in Brave! The first independent privacy search/browser alternative lớn big tech.

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Upcoming AMA with Peter Snyder, Senior Privacy Researcher và Director of Privacy at Brave sầu (August 18th, 2021)


Lenovo Legion Launch Party: Exclusive Look at New Gaming Hardware. The Lenovo Legion Launch Party will feature a first look at brvà new gaming hardware, a PC gaming panel hosted by a phenomenal lineup of tech & gaming influencers, giveaways, & a heated Apex Legends match featuring Nicewigg.

Hey there :)

Recently I learned lớn develop websites and, as an old Brave sầu User, I verified it in Brave sầu Creators.

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Just want to say that I got my first tip! YEAYAH It's not much but I'm happy with it!

Thanks Brave!! Thanks community!

I want khổng lồ Factory rephối my Android Phone. Any recommendation? Should i backup brave before doing it so i dont loose the BATs i already have sầu earned this month? Will I be able khổng lồ reconect my UpHold trương mục as it is the same device after doing it?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a revolutionary digital advertising và rewards platsize from the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla và Firefox that rewards users in Ethereum-based BAT tokens for any ads they choose lớn see. BAT locally matches ads lớn users without any tracking or data collection required. Start earning & using BAT now in the Brave browser.

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Introduction Guide to BAT

Brave Ads & Rewards Troubleshooting FAQ

Brave/BAT Data & Statistics: Transparency

Beginner introduction videos (courtesy of Coinbase)

BAT Community YouTube

BAT Grants Tipping Guidelines (Rules concerning claiming BAT grants, self-tipping và suspensions.)

BAT & Brave Server Status (Maintenance)

BAT/Brave sầu Official Merchandise Store

Merchandise store:https://store.brave sầ

BAT on Telegram:
BATProject or

BAT Announcements Twitter:

BAT Community Twitter:

BAT Community on Instagram:
BAT_Community or

No other chatrooms or social truyền thông pages are official. We vì chưng NOT have a BAT Discord, Slaông chồng, etc. at this time.