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AstraZeneca is an exciting global, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical company. We’re inspired by what science can bởi vì. Driven by the desire lớn meet unmet patient needs in our core therapeutic areas. Bold in our thinking. Proactive sầu in pursuing discoveries beyond imagination. At sites across the world, we bring teams together in a spirit of collaboration lớn turn great ideas inlớn life-changing medicines – strengthening our product portfolio & harnessing the potential of a pipeline across all stages of the drug development process.You’ll be part of a team that’s rolling baông chồng the frontiers of science khổng lồ turn yesterday’s impossible into the normal of tomorrow. So, if you share our focus & passion, join us & make a difference to patients – & in return, we’ll help you develop way beyond what you thought possible.

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Location:Ho Chi Minh City

Job Description:

Executive Assistant:Manage CP’s appointments và schedules.Make travel arrangements khổng lồ make best use of their time;May have sầu access lớn CP’s gmail accounts toschedule their appointments và answer or redirect routine enquiries frominternal or external sources;Handle information confidentially andmaintain the security of Executive’s records and files;Persize administrative sầu tasks usingindependent judgment và discretion;Plan and organize so that activities arecompleted accurately and on time. Activities may include preparingdocuments, screening and responding incoming correspondence, inquiries,phone calls, drafting letters và official information releases;Support Leadership meetings: arrange, takeminutes & action follow-up;Facilitate the smooth communicationsbetween CPhường & other stakeholders including internally and externally;đánh giá all the documents before submittingkhổng lồ CPhường for signature lớn make sure all the documents are in line with ourpolicy;Provide feedback to CP on all activitiesacross the business (when needed);Ensure proper logistics arrangement forCP; co-ordinate with regional & global staff in smooth logisticstư vấn for country;Communication Executive:Support Corporate Affairs incommunications coordinator role at trăng tròn % capacity to communicate theorganization"s vision and ensuring that its values are reflected in staffbehavior;Support the organization of corporateevents và employee engagement such National Conference, nationalcelebration days which involving employees (Tet, Women Day, Moon Festival,family day, townhall) và with the ayên khổng lồ provide good understanding ofcompany strategy and business goals and contributing to lớn Great Place toWork;Support strategic planning, writing andediting internal company communications, employee announcement;Build internal engagement initiatives toenhance AZ behaviors & culture.

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University graduate or equivalent;At least 3 year-experience in a similarposition;Background from diplomatic organizations,iNGOs, trade or healthcare associations preferable;Excellent oral & written communicationskills both in English and Vietnamese;Excellent interpersonal skills (ability tointeract comfortably with senior management, lớn withstandpressure/resistance, work with people across functions/ levels, highintegrity);Proficient with computers (MicrosoftOffice);Svào organizational skill;Ability to work effectively in a highpressure & multitasking environment.

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